Nail your Niche in Minutes

When it comes to growing on social, everything hinges around understanding your niche and having clarity on what you're creating.

If you don't know what to create, you'll question all your content, keep checking your insights and struggle to make traction.

If you know what to create you'll be able to plan ahead, batch, take control of your social and grow a following of ideal customers 🙂

The great news is you only need to answer THREE QUESTIONS to nail your niche and we have a Canva template to help you!

Just watch the video, answer the questions and share yours in the Facebook group for support!

Your Actions

Time to nail your niche! All you have to do is answer the three questions in the video and complete the easy Canva template below!

When you're done, share your draft in the Facebook group and we'll give you our thoughts and feedback! 🙂

Hey everyone, I've finally nail my niche down, woo! Here's my strategy, would love to know your thoughts! 🙂

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